Taking Stock



I’m fairly certain we’ve all done it, planned a trip, and have spent an inordinate amount of time deciding what to take. Even if you are limited to a backpack, or maybe even more so, you need to make decisions. Planning for a 3 month trip is becoming a bit overwhelming.

Richard has spent quite a bit of time redesigning some of the storage, added an RO unit to the kitchen sink and ice maker, plus having new tires put on and the oil change/engine check. We started making a list a year ago after we signed up for this trip with Adventure Caravans. The list has grown but quite a few things have been knocked off. I am certain the list will never be absolutely completed though.

I normally only worry over the number of suitcases Richard is going to limit me taking. I like to take everything I own because you never really know what your mood will be, right? This trip there aren’t really any suitcases involved though one will be taken along as a just in case. Just in case the rig breaks down and we need to spend a night in a motel. So clothing-wise I am free to take along whatever I’d like and that can be mind boggling as well.

On previous trips I would load the freezer with meals I had prepared at home. Now I don’t eat meat anymore, and yes, that includes chicken (amazing how many have asked me, “not even chicken?”). Richard tolerates some veggies but still requires meat. So we’re gonna wing it, pun intended, and that makes me nervous.

I am stocking up on my gluten-free oats and my no salt added Tongol tuna and all my supplements. Border inspections should be fun. 😉 I did buy new food storage containers for flour, sugar, and other vitals for a traveling cook/baker. Richard thinks we’ll be eating out quite a bit. Me, not so much. Either way will be fine.

Off to check, recheck the to-do list.

3 thoughts on “Taking Stock

  1. Susan, I’d love to have an indoor tour of your RV if you don’t mind sharing some pictures! I’m always interested to see what other people’s look like!

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