The American Queen Riverboat

We recently took my mother-in-law on a riverboat cruise on the Mississippi in celebration of her 90th birthday. It was a lovely 4 night cruise with a night in New Orleans at the end. The boat is lovely but small…very small when you are used to cruise liners. 😉

New Orleans is only an hour flight from Houston so an easy travel day. We were very early for boarding and spent time in the Riverwalk Mall. It is quite dead on a Wednesday and we discovered the lower level was a bit more interesting but is was the toilet we were in search of.

American Queen Riverboat

Dinner the first night was rather chaotic almost as if the waitstaff was brand new. Our table was way back in the corner by the kitchen. So while not ideal to people watch our food was hot. You are asked to give dietary preferences prior to boarding, it doesn’t seem to do much good. I had specified vegetarian but the menu doesn’t offer much choice. The chef ended up making me a special soup every night (delicious) and there was always a salad and plates of steamed veggies. Breakfast and lunch was buffet style with lunch being the most difficult to find enough to eat. First trip I ever lost weight on and it was free flowing wine at dinner.

The night of the Captain’s Welcome Aboard reception Mom wasn’t feeling up to the crowd. She had the beginnings of a cold so she and her friend, Flo Ann, stayed up on the deck. Richard and I went down but as soon as I looked into the lounge and saw women were dressed a bit nicer than usual I high-tailed it back to the room without saying a word to Richard. So he came looking for me and gave Mom and Flo Ann a glass of champagne.

Overall, we had a lovely time, I got to dance every night, and Mom enjoyed herself. Doubt we’ll ever do this again since we prefer a bit more elbow room.

Oak Alley Plantation

Oak Alley Plantation

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