Rocky Mountain Home and the Ice Fields

We leave Calgary this morning and are headed to Rocky Mountain Home, you’ll have to look at a map as I’ve no idea where it is. 😉 not sure if wifi will be available so this may be the last post for awhile.

After Rocky Mountain Home we are headed to the Ice Fields where we will dry camp for two nights so definitely no wifi.

Calgary is in cleanup mode but High River is still waiting for the water to recede. Wish we had been able to venture out while we were here…

Will check back when we have wifi!

Trans Canadian Highway and Banf

It seems we will not be going to Banf as the TCH is closed between Canmore and Banf unless you are a resident of the area. Bummed we won’t be able to visit but we can always come back.

The flooding in the area is just so devastating! Downtown Calgary was completely flooded. Hotels are closed. The stadium where their hockey team plays is completely destroyed from water…everything below row 8 and all the locker rooms, electronics and they are hoping the system that keeps the ice ice isn’t destroyed. The Stampede is held outside the same facility and they have a lot of work since they plan on opening on time In July.

We are staying an extra night here but probably not going to unhook the car as the site we’re in is pretty crappy and the tow bar is probably in a bind. Richard may run out of milk before Tuesday but he can miss a glass. 😉

Today is our 34th anniversary…he had to reminded but claims he didn’t know what the date was…yeah, uh huh. Not the first time and I’m sure not the last.

We stayed two nights in Hill City at the Great Canadian Barn Dance and the last night we had dinner and a show. The place is family owned and operated. They are also the entertainment! Three generations on stage and each one extremely talented. Richard forgot the camera so I only have the one I took with the iPad. And it seems the wifi won’t upload the picture…

Anyway, will post again after we leave Calgary.

Just a Short Note…

Just wanted to let everyone know we have not been affected by the rain…too bad. We couldn’t do the Smashed Head Buffalo Jump because the people who run the place couldn’t get to work.

So far it seems we won’t be going to Banf due to the flooding because the highway is washed out in places. So change in plans.

This the first opportunity I have had to use the wifi since you can’t get it in the rig…first world problems, eh? 😉

We will be in Calgary for an extra night but one of our tours has been canceled.

Tonight we are having dinner at the Great Canadian Barn Dance. Will post about it tomorrow, I hope!

Tomorrow, Tomorrow…

So the time has come for us to enter Canada and begin the journey north to Alaska!! Crazy!! The group seems ok. We have two months to get to know these people, 22 coaches altogether. Most seem nice so it should be a good journey.

Roll out in the morning begins at 8am (not me) and the tail gunner leaves at 10am so we leave somewhere in between…thinking 9:30-9:45. 😛

We celebrated Richard’s 65th tonight at a Greek Restaurant. I was a flexitarian (thankful someone created that option) and had calamari and mussels to start, a bowl of cream of asparagus soup and a Greek salad. Richard had a souvlaki that looked very good even though he brought home half of it.

I am the caravan’s Librarian for books and DVDs though there are quite a few vhs tapes…really? Does anyone actually watch vhs anymore?

There is suppose to be a blog for the caravan and each coach/RV will be given a day to submit their day’s adventure. We are coach 19 so it will be a few days before we get to submit an entry and I’m guessing it will not truly express my opinion of the situation but then I could be wrong. 😉

Tonight it is raining rather heavily and we hope it abates by morning. There was also some discrepancy in the number of miles that we will travel tomorrow. It is anywhere from 218 to 227 miles.

We did do a bit of sightseeing today when we visited the Great Falls, aka Ryan Falls, which is the dam/reservoir built along the Missouri River. What an amazing river!

So tomorrow will begin our spotty internet connection depending on the parks we are at. Most are suppose to have wi-fi and hopefully no one will stream Netflix while we are parked…

I will update as the connection allows! If you need to contact us it is my cell phone that will be active (979-966-3425). Say a prayer or two for us. ❤

Northern Yellowstone and Montana…it is indeed a Big Sky!

We moved to the North Entrance of Yellowstone on June 12th and stayed in Gardiner, MT which is just 5 miles from the entrance. According to the information we received this is the Main Entrance to Yellowstone and it has a brick arch marking it as such. It seems that over 700,000 vehicles enter the park from this entrance every year. Really? Our car went through 3 times…

Entrance Arch at North Gate

Dedication to the People

I will say that I think the northern end of the park is the most beautiful. Old Faithful is fun but the hot springs, geysers, and overall scenery of the north end is spectacular! We did finally see a couple of bears and loads of buffalo. The buffalo were in herds or walking down the road seemingly unaware of the traffic.


Playing Peek-a-Boo?

Heading up the road a bit...

Mammoth Springs definitely outshines Old Faithful:

Can you see the gorilla faces?

Can you see the gorilla faces?

We stopped on afternoon to get some information on touring the north end at the visitor’s center in Mammoth Springs. I stayed in the car and people watched, always fun. I noticed this little one on the lawn. It never moved, not even it’s head, the 15 minutes I sat there totally forgetting about people.

Fawn on the lawn of the Visitor's Center

Of course, in true fashion of human idiocy, a woman gave no regard for all the cones placed around the sidewalk and signs asking people to not enter the area, thewoman just had to get a bit closer for her picture.

And speaking of people watching we saw this while en route to Great Falls:

No this is not People of Wal-Mart

We departed for Great Falls on Saturday and it was a long day’s drive. Still the scenery was beautiful so it was not boring in that regard. Early that morning we passed this scene where it seems moving the herd is a family affair. There was a girl not older than 10 helping out.


The park here is nice, centrally located and huge. It’s Dicks’ RV Resort (though I wouldn’t really classify it as a resort) but not to be confused with Dick’s Last Resort where they put “funny” balloons on your head. 😉 I tried to do some laundry this morning, jeans, because even though I have a washer/dryer (one machine) it doesn’t hold more than 3 pairs of jeans and it would take 3 hours to do one load. So I made a visit to the laundry room in the park. 4 washers and 4 dryers for over 150 sites? It was back to the rig. I had a load in the washer already and turned off the dryer part then hung the small load of towels on the indoor clothesline that we installed in the bedroom (No laundry hung out in RV parks, ever). we have a ceiling fan in the bedroom and an additional portable fan that I cranked up. It’s been an hour since I hung the clothes and the sock are almost dry…

Yesterday we went to Glacier Nat’l Park which was a 2 hour drive just to get there and probably the closest we’ll ever be. 😉 We were told at the gate that Logan’s Pass was closed until Friday but we’ll be in Canada by then so we drove up to the Pass. I know I keep repeating myself but this area of the country is magnificent!!! Richard said before we left that there would be no hiking so I wore my flip flops…

Be sure to dress appropriately

Be sure to dress appropriately

Never actually fell, yay me!

Some other beautiful shots:

Wild Horses


Logan's Pass

View of St Mary's Lake

Glacier Nat'l Park

Wild Flower

View of the Glacier over St Mary's Lake

Blackfeet Nation

Tomorrow is Richard’s birthday and he officially becomes an old man. 😉 He is out this morning attempting to fill his prescription using Medicare for the very first time…hope he’s successful but I have my doubts where bureaucracy is concerned. Mostly because they haven’t even sent him his Medicare card.

We leave for Alberta on Thursday so I hope I get all the laundry done by then! 😉

Jackson Hole

Jackson is beautiful and the RV park was in town which made it nice to be able to walk since a small window of weather for road repairs means the main drag was one lane…not each way…just one lane! We arrived on Friday June 7, and once setup walked into town. Beautiful town square and loads of lovely shops and restaurants. If only Fayetteville had a mayor intelligent enough to attract businesses.

We walked a total of 6 miles. Though not the record for Richard it was still nice to use our legs rather than our butts. Had a lovely lunch at the Bunnery Bakery. Sat outside under a lovely umbrella…sat outside in June? The temps up here are fantastic and I think I could convince him that he’d love the snow, right?

Driving into Yellowstone was exciting since neither of us have been here before. There is an amazing number of acres, from the East Entrance, that are burned.

Acres of burned trees in Yellowstone


We did eventually find loads of green trees. Also learned that trees that fall, are cut down or burned in a fire are left where they fall (unless it is on the road) and Mother Nature is left to do her thing. Let’s just say she has her work cut out for her. We also learned that you cannot be in a hurry while driving through Yellowstone or the Grand Tetons. First the speed limit is never higher than 45 and most often it is 25-35. Nothing wrong with that as it allows you to enjoy the scenery, watch out for wildlife and the idiots on two legs which are even more dangerous behind a wheel! “Oh look! There’s a buffalo let’s stop the car in the middle of the road and take a picture. Darn, I can’t really get a good picture from here, I’ll be right back.”…as the traffic backs up and other idiots jump out of their cars to see what there is to look at, kids crossing the road unattended…chaos! Did I mention I am not good with chaos? No? Well, I am not. I am also not very tolerant of people who don’t think the sign on the side of the road applies to them. Piece of advice, check your review mirror before deciding to slam on your brakes in the middle of the road. See that 40ft+ vehicle behind you? It takes much longer to stop than your little car even at 25mph and with 3 car lengths between you and that behemoth.

You also have to drive through the Parks to get anywhere else! Today’s drive was only 150 miles but it took us 5 hours. With the rain this morning there wasn’t much construction going on but there were numerous wildlife sightings. There was a beautiful elk by one of the rivers, very close to the road. We weren’t able to park so Richard stuck the camera out the window as he rolled past. Unfortunately, he got to the camera and deleted it. I really wanted to post it for a game, Can You Spot the Elk? ;-P

The park we are in tonight, and two more, is lovely and we have a gorgeous view out the front window. I forgot to take a picture before putting up the sunshades but will take one tomorrow. The WiFi is the best but we are under a tree so Richard has no satellite. Not a bad trade off in my humble opinion. 😉

While in Jackson we did the aerial tram that opened in 2008. I really had some anxiety issues about going up in it. I have issues with elevation and being over 6,000ft gives me headaches, nausea and shortness of breath. it is 10,000ft at the top of the tram. I also have height issues. Not as bad as when the boys were little and we were at the Grand Canyon but still don’t like it.

Monday we drove back to Yellowstone to see Old Faithful and have lunch with friends from our rally in Cody. Yesterday we went to Jenny Lake in the Grand Tetons. There is a boat that either takes you on an hour’s tour of the lake or one that takes you across so that you can hike. We took the hike to Hidden Falls. So beautiful! I attempted to go up to Inspiration Point but my knee, the very narrow, rocky trail, and my shortness of breadth cut it short. You’d think I didn’t exercise at all, ever!

Looking Across Jenny Lake on the way to Inspiration Point

There are pictures of the Hidden Falls but it seems Richard use portrait rather than landscape so I’ll have to edit them before posting. Will try to get some done before we leave here. Tomorrow we are doing the northern Yellowstone Loop and then Mammoth Springs.

Cowboys and Chocolate

Who knew that those two things would be so popular? Here in Wyoming it seems to be!

In Meeteetse there is Tim Kellogg, a ranch hand and bronc rider, who makes some amazing chocolates. We visited his shop yesterday and came away with $30 worth of gourmet truffles.

Previously we visited an Emporium in Red lodge where another cowboy was also creating delicious concoctions!

Chocolate and cowboys is a great combination!