Wind, Rain, and Sundance

While we were in Deadwood the rain began and added to the high winds lets just say sightseeing wasn’t high on my list. Especially after the disappointment in Deadwood. After Richard paid his entry fee to Boot Hill and took his pictures of Wild Bill’s and Clamity Jane’s headstones we headed down the scenic bypass along Spearfish Creek. Spectacular area! The creek was running quite fast and the rain was still light enough to enjoy the views. Plus the windshield wipers in the car work just fine…

Headstone of Wild Bill Hickock

Waterfall along Spearfish Creek

Along the roads around here you see caution signs for big horn sheep. I made the comment it must be like deer signs in Texas, they never appear where the signs are! Had just about given up on seeing any when we found these grazing right next to the highway (that has no real shoulder).


We departed Hill City on Friday with very high winds, gusts to 50/mph, which is nerve wracking, for me, in an RV. Then it started to sprinkle. Richard doesn’t use the wipers as quickly as I so I had to look through the spotted window for awhile. He finally turned them on using the intermittent cycle because the passenger side wiper doesn’t always stay attached. The blades are original and he’s terrible about putting the covers on so it’s not surprising the sucker pops off…should have taken a picture. So once we reached I-90 we were without wipers in the pouring rain with heavy winds. The only saving grace was that we only drove 95 miles that day!

Sundance, WY is just another little town noted for an outlaw. I think that is true for many of these small western towns. There is a small museum in town that has some unique items on display and a video about Buffalo Jump. We didn’t get to visit the Jump because it didn’t open for the season until the next day.

The main reason for stopping there was Devil’s Tower, America’s first national monument. It is a geological phenomenon. It was also pouring while we were there…


The park owner where we stayed told us to take the scenic bypass back after visiting the Tower and stop at Cindy B’s Diner in Alladin to at least have a slice of pie, so we stopped. Alladin has a population of 15 but Cindy’s pies are well known in the area. Richard had a slice of strawberry rhubarb. He liked is so much she gave us the recipe. I had a small raspberry sundae.

We drove from Sundance to Cody yesterday through/over the Big Horn Mountains. I’ll share more on that exciting adventure next time.

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