Who Needs Rollercoasters?

The road from Sundance to Cody was quite a ride! Remember the drawer that kept sliding open? Well the engineer finally created a lock on the drawer. The test of it was the first curve through the Big Horn Mts…epic fail! Sucker just ripped off taking part of the drawer facing with it! Fortunately there was a lay-by right after the curve so we pulled over and moved my elliptical up front to keep the drawer closed. Fortunately, Richard did slow down a bit after that and my side of the vehicle was then on the rock side rather than the edge. My issues with heights made the ride much like a rollercoaster. The vistas were magnificent though and I took lots of pictures but Richard says most just look like rocks…duh! 😉So here is one without much rock.


We arrived in Cody the day before the Rally. June 1 is opening night of the Cody Rodeo which runs every single night of the summer! Last performance is August 31. Opening night is only $5 so we ventured over there. Fun, fun, fun!

The first night of the Rally is potluck heavy hors doeurves. Being vegetarian I made something I could eat, Onion Bhajis, which are basically onion fritters. They are made using garbanzo/chickpea flour not wheat so also a plus for me. I also made 3 dipping sauces but couldn’t take one because with 12 Thai chiles it was way too freakin’ hot! Richard walked inside just after I have blended it all to find me chocking, sneezing, and tears running down my face after tasting it…not a pretty sight. He started coughing too. So it is in the fridge waiting…

Last night was a catered meal but not really. Seems they couldn’t find a caterer so they get the food from Albertsons (nice store we shopped in there the day we arrived. Tons of gluten free stuff). Seems the Rally Masters don’t have a clue about how much to buy to feed 45 people. It seems they ran out of breakfast the first morning and not everyone goes in for breakfast. At dinner last night they had to make a run to the store for more salad. I made a vegan, gluten free Mac’ and Cheese. Very tasty!

We took a drive yesterday afternoon in the Shoshone National Forest. Didn’t encounter any grizzlies (darn), did see big horn sheep, mule deer and loads of white tail. Richard videoed a mama in the creek with her baby.

This morning I attempted baking at a high altitude, Cody is about 5,000ft. We had a couple of bananas that needed to be made into muffins so I found a recipe suited for altitude (Yay for Google!). They came out perfect.



We will be venturing up to Red Lodge, MT and will check out the Bear Creek Saloon and Steakhouse for supper. Hoping for a salad and some veggies! 😉

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