Beartooth Loop and June Temperatures in the Mountains!

Yesterday was a great drive around the Beartooth Loop. We left the RV park with temperature around 45º and it was cloudy. During the drive temps dropped as low as 35º and it snowed a bit too. The plan was to take the drive and then have supper at the Bear Creek Restaurant and Saloon. Plans don’t always work because after a 4 hour drive and killing another hour in Red Lodge; it ended up the restaurant was closed for a private party.

The drive was fantastic! Lots of snow above the tree line. The recently plowed parts had 12′ banks on either side and well above the height of our HHR. The rally is having a photo scavenger hunt so we had our camera ready. One of the first items was a flag, any flag was worth 1 point. A flag of the state flag of Wyoming, 2 points. I have to say the flag of Wyoming is difficult to find. Guess they’re not flag wavers like Texans. The Us flag and the Wyoming flag, 5 points.


Next was Take a picture of another person participating, bonus points for a veteran:

Taken before we found the two flags

Taken before we found the two flags

Take a picture of a red pickup truck, bonus points for old, rusty truck:

Exceptional image, eh?

Exceptional image, eh?

As we approached Beartooth Lake we came upon 5 red vans from Illinois State University. I attended ISU for my freshman year only because my dad was transferred to Texas, not happy at the time but things worked out fairly well in the long run. 😛 We stopped farther down in the campgrounds to get some pictures and the vans ended up leaving first. the next picture on the scavenger hunt was four SUVs in a row(5 points), bonus points if the are the same color (10 points). Now I know that vans are not SUVs but seriously how often do you see something like this:



I am submitting it. 😉

Last item was a scenic picture of Wyoming…hard to choose just one…


Two other items on the list consisted of a rock, smaller the better, and a receipt for fuel totaling $1 which we did not do. There is also a separate photo contest that had three categories (structure, person, or scenery) but only one photo can be submitted. We chose this one but it was taken with a simple digital and there are quite a few SLRs in the group.


Will let you know how we make out tomorrow. 😉

Since our supper plans were thwarted we ended up having dinner in Cody at Zapatas Mexican Restaurant. New Mexico style cuisine that was absolutely delicious and the Margaritas were tasty too!

Heard from friends at home the temperature was in the 90’s…97º to be exact. So very glad to be enjoying not only the beautiful vistas of Wyoming but the amazing temperature!!! Today’s high is suppose to be 68º and it’s June people! Not much hope of convincing Richard to move here due to their winter temps but then he does love a good fire in the fireplace…

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