Tomorrow, Tomorrow…

So the time has come for us to enter Canada and begin the journey north to Alaska!! Crazy!! The group seems ok. We have two months to get to know these people, 22 coaches altogether. Most seem nice so it should be a good journey.

Roll out in the morning begins at 8am (not me) and the tail gunner leaves at 10am so we leave somewhere in between…thinking 9:30-9:45. πŸ˜›

We celebrated Richard’s 65th tonight at a Greek Restaurant. I was a flexitarian (thankful someone created that option) and had calamari and mussels to start, a bowl of cream of asparagus soup and a Greek salad. Richard had a souvlaki that looked very good even though he brought home half of it.

I am the caravan’s Librarian for books and DVDs though there are quite a few vhs tapes…really? Does anyone actually watch vhs anymore?

There is suppose to be a blog for the caravan and each coach/RV will be given a day to submit their day’s adventure. We are coach 19 so it will be a few days before we get to submit an entry and I’m guessing it will not truly express my opinion of the situation but then I could be wrong. πŸ˜‰

Tonight it is raining rather heavily and we hope it abates by morning. There was also some discrepancy in the number of miles that we will travel tomorrow. It is anywhere from 218 to 227 miles.

We did do a bit of sightseeing today when we visited the Great Falls, aka Ryan Falls, which is the dam/reservoir built along the Missouri River. What an amazing river!

So tomorrow will begin our spotty internet connection depending on the parks we are at. Most are suppose to have wi-fi and hopefully no one will stream Netflix while we are parked…

I will update as the connection allows! If you need to contact us it is my cell phone that will be active (979-966-3425). Say a prayer or two for us. ❀

4 thoughts on “Tomorrow, Tomorrow…

  1. good luck- I also didn’t know this was such a big group thing- hopefully you’ll have a great time, make new friends and have some super good stores to share ( πŸ˜‰ )

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