Just a Short Note…

Just wanted to let everyone know we have not been affected by the rain…too bad. We couldn’t do the Smashed Head Buffalo Jump because the people who run the place couldn’t get to work.

So far it seems we won’t be going to Banf due to the flooding because the highway is washed out in places. So change in plans.

This the first opportunity I have had to use the wifi since you can’t get it in the rig…first world problems, eh? 😉

We will be in Calgary for an extra night but one of our tours has been canceled.

Tonight we are having dinner at the Great Canadian Barn Dance. Will post about it tomorrow, I hope!

2 thoughts on “Just a Short Note…

  1. sorry about the disappointments, but glad at least you haven’t been washed away! (have no idea what a smashed head buffalo jump is…:)

    • Peg,
      The correct name is The Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump which I think was name by the Blood Red Tribe when a child fell off the cliff during a hunt and the buffalo fell on him.

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