Trans Canadian Highway and Banf

It seems we will not be going to Banf as the TCH is closed between Canmore and Banf unless you are a resident of the area. Bummed we won’t be able to visit but we can always come back.

The flooding in the area is just so devastating! Downtown Calgary was completely flooded. Hotels are closed. The stadium where their hockey team plays is completely destroyed from water…everything below row 8 and all the locker rooms, electronics and they are hoping the system that keeps the ice ice isn’t destroyed. The Stampede is held outside the same facility and they have a lot of work since they plan on opening on time In July.

We are staying an extra night here but probably not going to unhook the car as the site we’re in is pretty crappy and the tow bar is probably in a bind. Richard may run out of milk before Tuesday but he can miss a glass. 😉

Today is our 34th anniversary…he had to reminded but claims he didn’t know what the date was…yeah, uh huh. Not the first time and I’m sure not the last.

We stayed two nights in Hill City at the Great Canadian Barn Dance and the last night we had dinner and a show. The place is family owned and operated. They are also the entertainment! Three generations on stage and each one extremely talented. Richard forgot the camera so I only have the one I took with the iPad. And it seems the wifi won’t upload the picture…

Anyway, will post again after we leave Calgary.

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