Ft. Nelson, BC and onto Liard Hot Springs

Wifi has been very bad as of late. The iPad couldn’t get on this morning but the laptop works just fine. Weird typing on the laptop and there’s no autocorrect! Much as I rag about it I prefer it to spell check.

We spent last night in Ft. Nelson. The park is nice and our site is surrounded by Trembling Aspen. It was warm/hot again yesterday and looks to be the same today as the temperature at 9am is 68º. We move onto the Laird River and the Hot Springs where we will dry camp for one night.

We have about 8 or 9 days until we reach Alaska trailing along the Alaskan Hwy. The scenery is beautiful but we didn’t see any wildlife yesterday just signs claiming critters crossed the road…sure!

One of the couples hit a rock/boulder that was in the road yesterday. She cleared the motorcoach but it got one of their rear tires on the car and the tire exploded. They didn’t bring a spare thinking that since they were new tires they would be fine. It is a very odd size so none available here. They will be driving on their donut and going very slow until a replacement can be found.

I have tons of pictures but don’t expect the wifi will load them with any speed so will do a gallery later on.

Love to all!

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