Whitehorse and on to Dawson City

We arrived in Whitehorse on Friday with the sun shining and temps in the 70s. The parks have slowly become less and less attractive. This one has us in like sardines. There is barely enough room between us and our neighbors for us to get to the door. Wifi, as usual, is lousy and this place will charge after 250MB so this post will be short and picture less once again.

We toured the Klondike Riverboat yesterday and it makes the American Queen look like the Queen Mary II. Though it really wasn’t made for passengers there were times that some were allowed passage. The cost would have been $35 downstream and $55 upstream. The average wages at the time was about $25/month, so quite pricey.

We attended the Frantic Follies last night. Quite entertaining! The louder you hoot and holler the higher the chorus girls kick up their legs. Most of this vaudevillian theatre was based on the writings of Robert W Service who was here during the goldrush.

Today we will visit the Amber Brewing Co for beer tasting! So Jeffrey but don’t know if we can bring some home as we cross into Alaska on Thursday and I’m not ditchin’ the vodka or rum for beer. Will try to pick some up on the journey home.

We leave tomorrow for Dawson City…365 miles…some vodka will be had at the end of that day! Thursday we drive to Chicken, Alaska on unsaved road and a trip that should take a little over two hours will likely take us six! We take a ferry out of Dawson City over the Youkon River and sometimes the wait for the ferry is three hours!!!

It was quite chilly this morning but I’m not complaining! Can’t remember the last ime I wore a sweater and jeans in July. 😉

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