Dawson City and Onto Chicken, Alaska

Dawson City, YT is a fun town. Loads of history but most of the old buildings have been preserved by Parks Canada. We had a guided tour yesterday and our guide was dressed as if it was the 1890s. We were taken into some of the restored/preserved buildings such as the bank and post office.

We have walked the entire town today and viewed Roberts Service’s cabin and Jacl London’s. it would seem that Service had a great deal more money than London. He retired at the age of 35 from banking and lived off his savings and money earned from his writing. London’s cabin was void of any luxury.

This afternoon will are going to visit the Fire Dept Museum…it was closed this morning on our walk about.

Tomorrow we head to Chicken which is just over a hundred miles but it will take the good part of five hours to drive there. First thing Richard will take the rig for fuel since we were given incorrect information about the location of the diesel. I will wait in town with the car because we take a ferry across the Yukon River…so not looking forward to that!

Things are increasing in price as we go. In Whitehorse a quarter pound of Velveeta was $6.99 and here in Dawson City it is $9.69. Fuel, in town, is $1.59/litre but outside of the city limits it is $1.39/litre. Which is why Richard is going back two miles.

Weather is great, 66* right now though the sun is peaking through the clouds so it will probably warm up a bit.

We drove to the midnight dome though not at midnight. It overlooks the city. You also get an amazing view of the Tailings left by the dredges that were used until the mid 60s for placer mining. We toured Dredge #4 yesterday which was very interesting.

We turn the clocks back once again tomorrow when we arrive in Chicken so we will be 3 hours behind. Please keep that in mind if you need to call us. 😉 we also go down to 15amp service so I certainly hope that it is not warm up there!

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