Crossing the Road in Chicken

The trip from Dawson City, YT to Chicken, AK is what nightmares are made of! Road in Chicken? Not by many standards but the road getting there was truly awful. Large rocks, huge piles of dirt where the grading machine didn’t quite do its job. Once you cross into Alaska the nightmare begins. You can’t go above 25 for much of the way and where the construction is going on (not that we saw anyone working) it is just a huge pile of dirt that heavy machinery had driven over the piles.

Chicken though was just perfect! Three businesses, two RV parks and one saloon. There is no electricity in Chicken so everything is run on generators. Celebrating my birthday there, priceless. Had drinks with miners and it’s just amazing that people are willing to live in a tent hoping to find gold.

We only spent one night Chicken and moved on to Tok. After having driven for miles and miles through dirt and dust we formed a car wash with the rigs. Everyone brought a bucket and brushes where the park had 2 pressure washers. The water was free because we all got fuel there at the park. It takes about 4 hours to wash 21 rigs and they weren’t even washed very clean but at least our black car wasn’t gray any more!

We arrived in Fairbanks this afternoon and will be here for 5 nights. Lots of things on the agenda for the next two days.

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