Taking the Day Off!

I am not a fan of bus tours in general and all day one in particular. Sunday’s tour started out with a ride down the road a bit to the Discovery III paddle wheel tour. It was wonderful! The sun was shining but the temperature was about 75º so very pleasant. The tour lasts about 3 hours on the boat but at one point you disembark to an Athtabasca Village recreation. We were divided into three groups and visited different parts of the village with explanations given by local descendants who were mostly high school students. Very well done.

We also had made a stop along the river to watch a dog sled team run a practice session for the Iditarod. It was very cool to watch these dogs getting excited as they were hooked to the line in front of a 4-wheeler. They pulled the ATV and the driver going round curves and up one part of the hill behind the house/kennel. They estimated the speed to be about 20mph. The dogs were unhooked as soon as they returned and everyone of them ran to the river where the temperature was 48º! The dogs belong to Susan Buecher’s husband and daughters. Susan won the Iditarod 4 times, three of which were consecutive. She passed away in 2006 from leukemia but before she died she wrote a children’s book about her lear dog, Granite. He was the runt of the litter, had some respiratory issues and the vet recommended putting him down. Susan wouldn’t have it and took him home. He was the lead dog in each of her wins and lived to be 17.5 years old!

We came back to the RV park for lunch at the Grill Restaurant. It was a nice buffet but unfortunately someone had turned the heat on that morning and since there was no a/c it was quite miserable in there. It was also the beginning of the downslide into miserable for the remaining afternoon portion of the tour.

We went to the Museum of Alaska and I’ll be honest I am not a huge fan of museums unless there is a lot of hands on things. Well, the stop was scheduled for 2.5 hours! Seriously? 2.5 hours in a museum that had basically two rooms and a couple of movies? After 45 minutes of touring and watching a movie, where most everyone shut their eyes, we sat outside and waited for the bus to return.

I declined to participate in Monday’s bus tour because Sunday’s bus had no functioning a/c and the same bus was on the schedule. I thoroughly enjoyed my day off! I did 8 loads of laundry since the laundry room was basically empty. Plus today, Tuesday, is a free day so I know everyone else would be trying to use the machines. I made Richard some oatmeal raisin cookies (seems I brought along too many oats), and read for a couple of hours…heaven!

Last night was a ride-share to the Pioneer Park Salmon Bake. it had cooled down, there was a slight breeze keeping the mosquitoes at bay and the food wasn’t bad either. We then went to The Palace Theatre and Saloon…which no longer has a bar…to watch a Vaudevillian show about the founding of Fairbanks. It was cute.

Today is an official Free Day so Richard and I went to The North Pole which is just down the road a piece. A tourist trap but cute just the same. Santa is in the House everyday though not in his red suit. It was fun to watch the little ones having a conversation with the ol’ elf.

Visited a Fred Meyers for groceries it was nice to find familiar brands and to have so many choices but darn if I didn’t go back for the cilantro that was out of stock on display…oh well.

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