Anchorage and Then Onto Homer

We spent three nights in Anchorage. Sunday July 21, was a travel day but we were in early enough to enjoy a short float plane ride over the tundra. It got a bit warm in the plane but I loved the take off and landing in the water! Unfortunately we only took movie of this experience so no photos. Monday we went to dinner and a “show” and it was an experience never to be repeated. Richard said the food was all right but I only had salad, well just lettuce by the time it got to me, and roasted potatoes. Our fearless leader once again failed to make arrangements for me. After I had eaten she came by the table and said there were things I could order off the menu…uh, my meal is suppose to be included. There was ice cream…

The “show” and I use that word lightly was a joke. Some guy, who calls himself Sourdough Dusty, tells stories about his great grandad who came to Alaska during the gold rush and was the first US Marshall in the territory. He also sings off key and then pushes his books and CDs on the audience. Could not wait to get our of there. It seems the tour company has never been there before and one can only hope they never return. It was a very poor imitation of a Branson show.

Tuesday, July23, we headed down to Homer. What a great place!! On Wednesday we took a boat ride to Halibut Cove which is about 5 nautical miles across the Cook Inlet off the Homer Spit. We passed Gull Island, more a large rock, that was absolutely covered with nesting sea birds. Kittiwakes, common murres and even tufted puffins are there and what a noise they all make!

Gull Island off Homer Spit

Gull Island off Homer Spit

Gull Island

We had lunch at Halibut Cove’s only restaurant , The Saltry, and it was wonderful. The Cordon Bleu trained chef prepares delicious meals. I had the sweet potato-ginger soup, grilled salmon and greens that were grown outback of the restaurant. There was also a sighting of chocolate cheesecake…

The Saltry

Thursday the 25th was a free day so we traveled the area for points of interest we did not stop at on the way down. It can be quite difficult parking a huge rig at tourist spots. We went to Ninilchik which is an old Russian Orthodox community and has a small church.

Russian Orthodox Church, Ninilchik, AK

Russian Orthodox Church, Ninilchik, AK

There is always contruction in the summer up here and Homer was no exception. Rather than sit in line waiting for the pilot car we turned off onto a side road hoping to find another Russian church. As we stopped to take a picture we met Nina Fefelov. Who, it turns out, owns Nina’s Cafe! It was lunch time and she insisted we eat at her place.

Nina Fefelov

Nina Fefelov

Nina's Cafe

Nina’s Cafe

The full Russain Experience!

The full Russain Experience!

Thursday was also a staff prepared bbq but it’s obvious Yankees have no clue what a bbq really is because this one was simply grilled burgers and hotdogs. I had meatless baked beans, corn and salad. Fortunately I had a snack before we went though Richard really wanted to go to a local restaurant since they don’t really get vegetarian.

Friday we traveled to Seward. Our first rainy day in a good long while though it didn’t last all day. We went to the Alaska Wildlife Center this morning and had a behind the scene experience with two puffins. Fortunately, neither took flight during this experience. The Center has some incredible aquatic displays. After meeting the puffins we were able to see them dive in this two story tank.

Tomorrow is a boat tour of Resurrection Bay with lunch on board. I was also just informed there will be nothing but salad for me. At least I know ahead of time and bring something along. Monday we are doing a dog sled ride. Guessing it’s on wheels since there is no snow…

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