In and Out…Destruction Bay, YT to Skagway, AK

We left Valdez on Sunday and headed back into Canada in order to reach Skagway. We will be doing at least three more border crossings before we are in the lower 48.

The park at Destruction Bay was sparse but it had decent wifi which is a priority when traveling. The owner, Loren, was great and he was also a one-man show. From the dinner he prepared to the entertainment it was all Loren…and a nice guy to boot. When he was told there was a gluten free vegetarian in the group and the wagon master inquired about the menu he said there was green salad, potato salad and pork n beans. When asked how pork n beans could be vegetarian Loren replied, “Oh, the pieces of bacon are kinda big so she can pick them out, eh?” 🙂 I brought my dinner. 😛

He sang and told some stories and was much better than a previous “entertainer.” Then I learned that someone had ratted me out about my one and only Karaoke song…fortunately, I had had enough to drink that I could remember all the words this time!;-) I am, however, still searching for the rat…

Monday we drove to Skagway which is one of the best stops that we had on our cruise 13 years ago. Old haunts were still there but unfortunately the cruise line shops have increased.

We saw yet another cancan but it was so cheesy it was funny and it also told the story of Soapy Smith (aka Jefferson Randolph Smith), the notorious con man in Skagway.

Tuesday was a free day so I cleaned house and Richard did some outside cleaning. We have experienced incredible amounts of dust! So bad that Richard was sneezing quite a bit though it didn’t seem to bother me. So it was a total wipe down of every nook and cranny.

Yesterday we took a boat trip to Juneau which lasted 13 hours though not all on the boat. We had lunch on our own and found a good local spot. We then took a bus to yet another glacier…just about glaciered out at this point. Supposedly there were brown bears feeding off the sockeye in the creek. We saw evidence but no bear.

During the boat ride back though we did see a momma bear catch a fish for her cub and then one for herself. Amazing!! Also encounter lots of humpback whales. One pod had 5 adults and one calf! Sighted both Pacific white side porpoise and Dall porpoise. Great trip though very, very long.

Tonight a local place is having live music by a local group so we plan on eating dinner there and maybe dance a bit. Two other couples a Re going with so should be fun.

Tomorrow we are headed to Northern Beaver Post, YK…interesting name if nothing else. We’ve been told that here is a new Customs Agent who for some reason doesn’t like Canadians or those crossing the border. We may have to wait 30 minutes for an inspector if she doesn’t like the looks of us. If that happens I will definitely be writing a letter!

The nights are getting shorter as we’ve come south. We even saw the street lights come on Monday night! We’ve less than a week left with the group and we are seriously going to miss some of the friends we’ve made.

Not sure of wifi or phone for tomorrow as we’ve been without phone for most of the travel time but leave a message and will get back to you! 😉

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