Time to Play Catchup!

I had attempted to post a few days ago but after working on the post for 40 minutes I lost it in cyberspace…stupid technology!

The morning of the 16th we headed to Lone Butte, BC…and Lone it is:

Lone Butte, BC

The park isn’t really set up for large rigs and the “pads” left a bit to be desired. The front wheels are off the ground in case you can’t tell.

Wheels Up!
But it was located on a nice lake and we had a great walk. We headed out early the next morning for Vancouver where I would meet Linda Olson in person for the first time. The park there was nice but rather expensive ($70/night) compared to most ($30/night). Richard was out washing the windshield when a guy came by to let him know there was a rig washing bay on the property. Richard said thanks but he was fine and the guy told him the don’t really have dirty rigs in the park…too bad!

We met up with Linda at an Indian restaurant where the food was wonderful. It was such fun to meet her after “talking” online for the past 13 years!

Linda and I in Vancouver

Next up was Seattle as our Port of Entry. What a nightmare! Freakin’ 2.5 hours to travel a couple of blocks, have a very short conversation with Border Patrol and then find ourslves in bumper to bumper traffic all the way to Seattle. Travel Tip of the Day: Don’t cross at Seattle on a Sunday morning during the summer! It took up all our time for sightseeing so we’ve decided a Pacific Coast Tour will be added to our list. I had really wanted to meet another friend there, Julie, but I wasn’t in a good mood after that fiasco.

Border Crossing at the one hour mark
2 Hour Mark
2 Hours 15 minutes

Next up was Portland, OR and it was a pleasant drive. After posting our destination a classmate from High School who lives across the river said to call and meet up for a beer. He’d been playing gold and so came by the RV first and then we headed down the road for supper. It was lots of fun meeting up with him. Last saw him and everyone else from my class 43 years ago! Holy Crap that’s a long time!!! Didn’t’ get a picture of Gary and me but got this one of the moon over the  RV Park::

Next day was was Baker City, OR 320 miles away. What an absolutely incredible drive along the Columbia River! Also amazing was the change in the topography the further west we went. The next morning we went to the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center located just 5 miles from Baker City in an area called Hell’s Canyon. I can say that the area is aptly named and I can’t imagine walking across it, or any other part of the Trail. It has reducied some of my whining but crappy interstates still make me whine.

August 21st found us bound for Hagerman, ID and I can’t really say much about the place except we were parked right by the office and I had excellent wifi and I believe this is where I lost my previous entry. Nothing pretty about southwestern Idaho and if it wasn’t for the ranchers irrigating their hay fields it would be ugly and brown this time of year.

Our next stop was Salt Lake City and the park was good and the wifi great. We took a free shuttle into the Town Square to tour the LDS facilities. We had to young Sisters as our guides. One from Nebraska and one from Bolivia. I have often wondered if the females did mission work like the young men you see on bicycles. They do volunteer work at the major Temples around the worl. Each has to earn the money to travel and live where they are posted. They were lovely and very soft spoken though the girl from Nebraska seemed to be rather shy.

They showed us the building where the Mormon Tabernacle Choir rehearses, the place where the congregation gathers to hear the prophets speak, the outside of the Temple (only members of LDS are allowed inside and they only use it for weddings and special ordinations), and the Visitor’s Center where there is a replica of the interior of the Temple. The gardens are amazing and one of the Sisters told us the flowers are replanted every 16 days!


We had dinner at Brio located in the wonderful shopping mall across from the Town Square. It was wonderful and we got the free shuttle back to the park.

Next day was Rawlins, WY and there isn’t a thing worth mentioning aside from the trains that ran all night.

We are currently in Colorado Springs and the park is adequate but the sites are rather tight. One night wont hurt, eh? Tomorrow we will be traveling through New Mexico on the way to Amarillo and that’s in TEXAS! And that mean’s only 3 travel days left…WOOT!

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