A New Bag for Traveling!


A while back I had made a laminated tablecloth and bench seat covers for the RV to use on the trip to Alaska. Most RV parks have picnic tables in each site and there are some I wouldn’t touch let alone sit at. Please ignore the mess around the table. My crap/craft room isn’t usually shown but we don’t have a picnic table. I will post one from the trip with the bench covers.


While perusing Etsy for material I ran across the main material of this bag and just new I had to have a bag. Then I had to find material for the pockets that would complement and that was a bit of a headache. Colors on the web aren’t always the color you saw IRL. One had to be ordered 3 times as there seemed to be a flaw in different vendors bolts. I am very glad I was able to obtain the striped material because the pattern is actually in the main material.

Nice thing about laminated cotton is it tends to be softer than oilcloth but still water repellent and fairly easy to sew. Who wouldn’t love a bag you can set anywhere and then be able to wipe it clean?

I spent the last week or so making the outside of the bag. I am amazed that it turned out so well. There was a bit of “Pardon my French” spoken during the making of the bag but nothing was thrown and I still have all my hair. I used pieces from two different patterns and added lots of pockets (thank you CLBB Ladies). Last night I had an idea to add the water bottle pocket and it was almost my undoing but the gods were on my side it seems.

I am looking forward to my first trip with the new creation…we leave in 9 days!!!

2 thoughts on “A New Bag for Traveling!

  1. you’ve got some mad sewing skills there, Susan. This is the first posting for your blog entries that has shown up on my FB news.

    • Thanks, Peg! You haven’t seen blog links before because I have only done it twice and I guess you missed the first one. 😉 Will try to do better about posting on it once we hit the road.

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